Drink Something Healthy

Enhance your water and hydrate your body with a healthy vitamin and electrolyte enriched dietary supplement that is superior to leading sports nutrition drinks on the market.

Subtly Sweet, Boldly Beneficial

Togavo is a healthy, great tasting, drink mix. Only 4 calories, sugar free, and no artificial colors.

The Science of Health

Togavo was formulated to provide the electrolytes and nutrients lost through exercise and everyday activities.

Why Choose Togavo?

Life Prepared

Whether you are playing in the woods, working in the office, or preparing for a hike, Togavo will supply the nutrients and energy you need to keep going.


I am a true believer [of Togavo]....Last Saturday I used only Togavo in my three bottles.  It was hot and we pushed the hills pretty well, and as someone who ALWAYS cramps after a 70-miler...no cramps during, after, (or in the wee hours of the night like usual).  It was so much easier to drink than the HEED and even CLIFF additive I've been using. I'm sold, and I'm telling as many people as I can/will listen!

Troy O.

As a mom, I'm often in need of a second wind to complete all of my various goals, whether that's training for a half-marathon or completing a daunting task at work.  Togavo gives me that boost guilt-free.

Kayla Q.

Used Togavo on a hot golfing day. I shot my best score this year! My focus seemed better than usual.

Thomas J.

Amazingly light taste, slightly sweet. I tried two different flavors and liked both, and then used a packet on a mountain bike ride later that day. Good energy without the shakes, felt like drinking clear water, but with taste and the electrolytes.

Troy O.

Drinking the lemon lime Togavo, DELICIOUSNESS!!

Julie W.

After a hot, sweaty trail ride, I tried Togavo instead of water. It quenched my thirst and I enjoyed the light sweet flavor. I felt refreshed.

Diane W.

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